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Labradorite and Moon Open Copper Ring | Crescent Moon Ring | Labradorite Ring

Labradorite and Moon Open Copper Ring | Crescent Moon Ring | Labradorite Ring

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Labradorite and Moon Open Copper Ring

Handpicked and handcrafted open copper ring, one side features a copper crescent moon, the other a cute labradorite stone. Finished in a warm vintage copper patina.

  • Round labradorite stones measuring 4mm
  • Electroformed pure copper ring
  • Great everyday ring 
  • Listing is for one ring
  • Handcrafted to order. Ready in one week.
  • Custom sizes - US/CA size 1 through 16, including 1/4 and 3/4 sizes. Choose Custom in size menu and add your size in Note to Seller box at checkout.
  • Antique copper has a dark finish. It may brighten as you wear it as it reacts to the oils on your skin.
  • Copper Sealant - Rings come standard without. High quality jewelry lacquer can be added for $5.
  • Copper may cause skin discoloration with some (not all) wearers. This is a known reaction with copper jewelry. Copper pieces are not treated in any way so you can benefit fully from its healing and health properties. That being said, lacquer coating can be applied for an additional $5 for those that would prefer it.
  • Pieces feature natural stones and are handcrafted to order, there will always be variations to the rings, making each one unique.

The Stone of Esoteric Knowledge
This highly mystical and protective stone is a bringer of light for it raises consciousness and connects with Universal energies. Being a stone of esoteric knowledge, it facilitates initiation into the Universal mysteries. Forming a barrier to negative energies it deflects unwanted energies and prevents energy leakage from the aura.
It aligns the physical and etheric bodies to help access spiritual purpose. Grounding spiritual energies into the physical body it can help raise consciousness, stimulate intuition and psychic gifts.
Psychologically, it banishes fear and insecurity and psychic debris, including those experienced in past lives. Strengthening faith in self and trust in the Universe, it removes other people’s projections.
Labradorite can calm an overactive mind, energize the imagination, and help to bring out new ideas. Facilitating contemplation and introspection, it synthesizes intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom it helps to show the real intention behind thoughts and actions, dispels illusions and takes one to the root of the matter.

Copper Sealant
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emma Stiedemann

5 stars from Emma

Oren Kozey

Love this ring. This was a self-congratulatory gift for giving birth to my second child. I always had a special relationship with labradorite, and as giving birth is a very feminine action, the moon fit perfectly for this time in my life.