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Large Raw Citrine Ring for Women - Blackbird & Sage
Large Raw Citrine Ring for Women - Blackbird & Sage
Large Raw Citrine Ring for Women - Blackbird & Sage

Large Raw Citrine Ring for Women

Blackbird & Sage
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Raw Citrine Ring made with unheated/untreated genuine citrine in your choice of a Bright Copper or Antique Copper finish.

Available sizes located in the dropdown menu.
If your ring size is not on the list choose Custom and include your ring size in Notes to Seller at checkout (sizes 1-16 are available, including 1/4 and 1/2 sizes).
Rings are made to order and take 5 business days to create.

Listing is for one ring.

November birthstone
The Stone of Abundance
A powerful cleanser and energizer, Citrine has the ability to energize every level of life.
Citrine teaches us how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success and all things that are good for the wearer.
An excellent stone for cleansing, energizing and recharging. It's soothing qualities come from the power and the warmth of the sun.
Citrine never needs cleansing, and it absorbs, transmutes and dissipates negative energies. It is a powerful aura protector and an early warning system to act to protect oneself before harm is done.
Citrine cleanses the Solar Plexus and Naval Chakras while opening up the Crown Chakra leading to increased intuition. It helps raise self confidence and self esteem and encourages creativity and self expression.
Its soothing nature allows the promotion of inner calm, positivity, enjoyment, and optimism. It can also promote analysis of situations and then steering them in a positive direction.
A very special stone to promote joy, abundance, motivation and generosity, and all things positive, while releasing fears, overcoming depression and phobias.

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