A collection of mindfully handcrafted crystal & mineral rings, necklaces, bracelets & trinkets for the modern bohemian. Made with copper, the most regal and ancient of metals & the first used in jewelry. Blackbird & Sage aims to create jewelry that connects us to our ancestors, to help find our Divine spark & bring us home to our true selves. Made in small batches with handpicked stones & built with love & intention, it's mindful jewelry inspired by the Old World. Crafted in a home based art studio in Santa Fe, NM.


Marie is the founder and sole artisan of Blackbird & Sage. Hailing from Manchester in the UK and now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico she calls the Southwest US her happy place. The Land of Enchantment has truly stole her heart and she finds such inspiration and peace in the high desert. 

She is drawn to the natural, organic and unusual. Straight lines have never been her thing. Fitting in with the crowd she always found a chore. Wood, copper, crystals and earthy elements are her happy place. Solitude and nature are deeply connected to her Soul. She found the alchemical art of electroforming in 2015 and has never looked back.


Marie uses the technique of copper electroforming to create each piece, slowly building up the copper over several days, some pieces sometimes taking up to a week. The nature of electroforming creates highly unique & individual pieces, as no two pieces of jewelry are ever alike. The result is a beautiful piece of organic looking copper jewelry, that is often made to order & designed and individually handcrafted with purpose & intention.