Blackbird & Sage mindfully creates handcrafted energetically empowering crystal, mineral and gemstone copper jewelry for the highly conscious woman. 

Using the alchemical technique of electroforming, where copper is interwoven with crystals, minerals and gemstones, the jewelry formed is a truly unique and organic piece of crystal goodness. The gemstones and crystals used are always intuitively hand selected and my designs include raw gemstones, raw crystals and classic cut high quality cabochon stones. All are chosen and designed so that my pieces can easily be worn as we walk and journey down our paths. All pieces include high vibratory, cleansed crystals and stones.
My name is Marie and I am the sole owner of Blackbird & Sage jewelry. I am from the UK and have lived in and traveled the US for many years, settling into the beautiful city of Santa Fe, NM. My intention with Blackbird & Sage is to give you the ability to wear something that has a unique and healing energy signature, built from love, and carries a personal story that is unique and special meaning to you.


I run all aspects of Blackbird & Sage, where all of my pieces are handmade in my home studio. My studio was established in 2015 and I have been working full time in it since 2016. To date, I have sold over 7000 of my pieces. I hope you join my tribe and find yourself that perfect piece too.
With love,