Handcrafted Jewelry Inspired By Ancient Lore



Blackbird & Sage is a raw collection of mindfully handcrafted jewelry, accessories & adornments of mixed metals, crystals, minerals & gemstones, with a focus in the art of electroforming copper.  Made in small batches with handpicked stones & built with love & intention, it's mindful jewelry inspired by the Ancients. All pieces are created by me, Marie Tengren-Knight.

I use the technique of copper electroforming to create most of my jewelry. The art of electroforming is part alchemy, part science. Copper is formed slowly over several days, with some pieces taking up to a week or more to create the jewelry you see here. Electroforming creates an organic & highly unique shape, & no two pieces of jewelry are ever alike.

With the addition of mixed metals such as silver, rose gold, steel & brass, I strive to create high vibrational pieces of organic energy jewelry for you to wear and enjoy for many years to come. My jewelry is often made to order & always handcrafted with mindfulness, purpose & intention.

Blackbird & Sage was founded in 2016 & is based in a small studio in Santa Fe, NM. It is a brand created to empower strong, independent, rebellious women who have chosen the path to live authentically, & are drawn to adorn themselves with jewels that best reflect their true, raw & adventurous self. 

Thank you for taking time to read and take a look at my work. Reach out if you have any questions

Marie xoxo