Handmade Copper & Stone Artisan Jewelry

Mindfully Made In Santa Fe, NM



A raw collection of mindfully handcrafted jewelry, accessories & adornments of mixed metals, minerals, stones & crystals, with a focus in the art of electroforming copper. Blackbird & Sage aims to create jewelry that connects you to your ancestors, be one with your inner warrior & create a spark in you to always live a life of authenticity & courage. Made in small batches with handpicked stones & built with love & intention, it's mindful jewelry inspired by the Ancients. Crafted in a home based art studio in Santa Fe, NM.


Marie is the founder & sole artisan of Blackbird & Sage. Hailing from Manchester in the UK & now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico she calls the Southwest US her happy place. The Land of Enchantment has truly stole her heart & she finds such inspiration & peace in the high desert. 

She is drawn to the natural, organic and unusual. Straight lines have never been her thing. Fitting in with the crowd she always found a chore. Wood, copper, crystals and earthy elements are her happy place. Solitude & nature are deeply connected to her Soul. She found the alchemical art of electroforming in 2015 & has never looked back.


Marie mainly uses the technique of copper electroforming to create her jewelry, slowly building up the copper over several days, with some pieces taking up to a week or more. The nature of electroforming creates highly unique & individual pieces, as no two pieces of jewelry are ever alike. Adding mixed metals such as silver, steel & brass, the result is a beautiful piece of organic jewelry, that is often made to order & designed & individually handcrafted with purpose & intention.