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Blackbird & Sage is a call to Wild Women, Free Spirits, Gypsies, Nomads and Wanderers. It is for those that believe in their own magic and those who carry the light.

Born from the heart of creative Marie Tengren-Knight as a means to guide women in their journey of healing. It is for those powerful women who live a life in which authenticity, purpose and passion run deep within their soul. Each piece is single handedly handcrafted by a woman who walks the path of spirituality and healing and holds the same hopes and dreams deep within her heart that you do. Intended to be more than a way to adorn yourself. It is meant to help pave the way of Divinity, one where you can fully be authentic and present in your dreams, hopes, and inspirations and know you have the power to make it happen.

All of our handmade products at Blackbird & Sage are made in Santa Fe, NM. A place where enchantment and ancient wisdom resides. Marie gleans this energy and incorporates it into her pieces. We believe in simple, local and purposeful craftsmanship, a value that we believe will make a difference in peoples lives and to the world. It is a means to remove ourselves from mass produced items and return to community by supporting local makers, craftsmen and women and those who are driven to be self supportive through their art. At Blackbird & Sage, we want to give you the ability to buy something that has a story, built from love and has a unique meaning to you.

We are Divine, so let your intuition and passion guide you to a lifestyle where you are free to follow your bliss. Be an inspiration, support and embolden others, live from love, release the fear, and laugh, love, grow. Only then can you be truly free to be all that you utterly desire.  

In deepest gratitude warrior women, you are here to change the world.