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How is your jewelry made and what is made of?

    My rings are made via the art of copper electroforming. Some items I have pre-made and are ready to go, but a lot of pieces I make to order. For those pieces, once your order is placed, I get to work in intuitively handpicking your stone(s) and build and prepare the piece by hand to be ready to be submerged in an electrolyte bath for between 12- 24 hours. The bath consists of copper salts, acid and water. When an electrical current is passed through the system, copper ions are created and fused which slowly builds up, creating the piece. Once pulled out of the bath, I clean, polish and finish the metal to your liking (bright or antique finish). The electroforming process can be very slow and creates a unique layer of copper to form a completely one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The metal is 100% pure copper.

    Due to the nature of electroforming, there will always be imperfections, striations, bubbles, or divets in the metal. This results in a truly beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that will each have its own character once pulled out of the liquid electrolyte bath. This process is unique in that the metal forms around the stone and takes on the shape of that stone. It truly creates a unique piece.

    Do you do Custom Orders?

    Are you looking for a particular crystal, mineral or gemstone to help in your healing journey? Do you have a particular design in mind? Please contact me. I am very open to custom orders and love working with clients to create the perfect piece.

    Do you have a particular stone that you would love to convert into a piece of jewelry? I do that too! Just contact me for a quote.

    I have also worked with clients for special occasions, such as bridesmaids gifts. If you are thinking about gifting your favorite people something special and personal? Then shoot me a message.

    I am always happy to provide personal service to make sure your gifts are truly unique. I am also happy to work with you for large or bulk orders.

    I Don't Know What Crystal to Get?

    I often get asked this question, especially when someone begins their journey of awakening and to those unseen energies that guide the Universe. I am on that same journey.

    We humans emit an energy signature and vibrate at varying levels. As we work through our denseness by raising our vibrations, we also raise our consciousness. This is how we become the creator of our lives. Crystals can help in our journeys to becoming creators and manifestors. Each stone emits their own healing frequencies and should we tune into those frequencies, that energy can help us to solve or unravel those parts of us that are not fully healed, thus releasing the denseness. When we release the denseness we can then level up.

    Crystals quite happily support and guide, and if you let them, they can become your teachers. I am highly intuitive to crystals and knowledgeable in their healing properties. I would love to help you in your healing in any way I can. Just let me know in what area(s) you would like help and I can guide you to the right stone that would emit an appropriate healing energy.

    What are your Processing Times?

      Necklaces, beaded bracelets, extra items and some rings are ready to ship and will be sent in 1 - 3 business days of ordering.

      A large quantity of rings are currently made to order. These take 3 business days to build and make into a one of a kind ring made especially for you.

      All pieces are energetically cleansed and charged before they are shipped out, ready for you to wear. This ritual also includes charging the copper. Being highly conductive, copper carries a signature of its own and can also amplify the crystals' energies.

      Are Your Rings Treated?

        As copper has been used since ancient times for the treatment of certain disorders and is found to be very beneficial, my pieces are untreated, meaning they do not contain wax, lacquer or any other substance that creates a barrier from the copper. This is because copper absorbs through the skin and has many beneficial healing properties. Copper is also a very efficient energy conductor and some suggest it has the ability to amplify the energies emitted by crystals and minerals. We at Blackbird & Sage believe in the magic of crystals and don't want want to interfere with any energy amplification if you are wearing your piece for healing purposes. 

        If you are concerned about getting discoloration on your fingers from the copper rings, a coat of clear nail lacquer on the inside of your band will help stop that from occurring.

        I can also coat the piece with professional jeweler's wax if you prefer. This is a temporary coating while you get used to wearing your copper piece. Just leave me a note in the box located at checkout. I'm happy to provide this service free of charge.

        What Is the Difference Between Bright Copper and Antique Copper?

          Bright copper has a lustrous shine and will darken over time. Just wipe with a jewelry cloth to brighten it up again. Jewelry cloths are available in the Extras/Other section of the shop.
          Aged copper gives the ring an antique look which will brighten over time, leaving you with a beautiful natural aged ring. The copper is dipped in Liver of Sulfur to oxidize the copper, then buffed and polished to give it a gorgeous dark and warm patina.

          My Ring Size is Not Listed, What Can I do?

            Do not see your ring size listed? No problem! I can make most rings from US sizes 1 through 16, including 1/4 and 1/2 sizes. If your size is not listed choose "Custom" in the Size drop down menu and include your size in the Notes to Seller box at checkout. If Custom is not a list option, it generally means I do not have any stones available to make extra rings. If in doubt, just message me!

            I Want to Order But I Don't Know My Size!

              I suggest going to a jeweler's for an accurate ring size measurement. Alternatively, you may purchase a ring sizer from the store listed in the section "Extras/Other". For International Orders I use the Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart at
              The average ring size for women in the US is a 7.

              Statement and large stone rings require a smaller band size (approx 1/4 - 1/2 size smaller). This is because larger stones make the ring top heavy which can lead to slippage, especially if you are wearing the ring on your index or little finger.

              For all Made to Order pieces:  

                I am happy to choose particular shaped stones for your piece. Please leave me a note at checkout with any preferences you may have. You can even point me to a particular stone you like in the listing photos and I will try my best to find a stone that is similar. If I cannot accommodate your preference, I will choose a stone that matches the description as close as I can and will choose a stone that sits well on a ring.

                Will Copper Turn My Skin Green?

                Also See: Copper Care
                Copper oxidizes quickly and may or may not turn your finger green. The oxidization reaction is due to body chemistry, in particular your pH level (high pH = higher incidence of oxidization). Low pH does not cause this. I cannot tell you if the piece will react to your skin because everybody's pH is different. If you experience greening, it is easily removed with soap and water and you may apply a layer of clear nail polish to the inside of your ring to create a barrier. Copper basically reacts to the sweat and oils on our skin. A high pH can indicate stress and dietary issues and may lead to health problems if not addressed. Wearing copper is therefore a great indicator of your general health and whether your body is alkaline or acidic.

                What Is The Best Way To Care For My Jewelry?

                  Tips to keep your copper ring from discoloring your skin and keeping your piece clean:

                  - Keep the copper clean and dry as much as possible. Wipe down with a soft cloth and place in a clean baggie after it has been worn.
                  - Remove jewelry before washing your hands, showering or bathing so soap and water does not get trapped under the band/pendant.
                  - Do not wear jewelry while swimming, the chlorine or salt can damage the copper.
                  - Take off jewelry while exercising, applying cosmetics or skin lotions. Sweat and chemicals in lotions/cosmetics will increase the likelihood of oxidization.

                  How Is The Jewelry Packaged? 

                    All items come in a sturdy jewelry box or ring box made with recycled materials, ready for gift giving. To save on waste and supplies multiple items will be packaged in one box. However, if you require multiple boxes for different gift recipients please leave a message in Notes to Seller at checkout. I will be happy to accommodate your request and give you separate boxes for each item.

                    Do You Offer Wholesale?

                    Are you a B&M store and are looking for unusual but personal jewelry to show? I am happy to offer wholesale and can discuss terms once you message me. 


                    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form or at, I generally respond to messages within 24 - 48 hours. I do take weekends off so messages on the weekend will be replied to on Monday at the earliest.

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