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Care Tips

My pieces are untreated, meaning they do not contain wax, lacquer or any other substance that creates a barrier from the copper. This is because copper absorbs through the skin and has many beneficial healing properties. Copper is a very efficient energy conductor and some suggest it has the ability to amplify the energies emitted by crystals and minerals. 

Copper is a gorgeous looking metal and one of my favorites, but sadly many people are put off by the risk of turning the skin green when in close contact with the skin. For some wearers, the reaction will happen faster than for others. For many, it will not happen at all. With a few simple steps and a little knowledge, the speed and likelihood of the oxidization reaction can be lowered. The oxidization reaction is also responsible for creating the aged copper effect, which gives the jewelry a unique rustic look as it is worn (and loved!) by you.

Tips to keep your copper ring from discoloring your skin:

- Keep the copper clean and dry as much as possible. Wipe down with a soft cloth and place in a clean baggie after it has been worn.
- Remove jewelry before washing your hands, showering or bathing so soap and water does not get trapped under the band/pendant.
- Do not wear jewelry while swimming, the chlorine or salt can damage the copper.
- Take off jewelry while exercising, applying cosmetics or skin lotions. Sweat and chemicals in lotions/cosmetics will increase the likelihood of oxidization.

The oxidization reaction can also happen due to body chemistry (in particular a high pH level) as well as environmental. We cannot tell you if the piece will react to your skin, as we do not know your lifestyle, your body pH and the environment you live in. Some days there will be no greening, other days there may be, depending on what you are doing and eating that day. If you regularly experience greening, it is easily removed with soap and water and you may apply a layer of clear nail polish to the inside of your ring to create a barrier. No one will ever see it and will only need to be reapplied once the original layer has worn off.

An acidic body pH will cause green skin and can indicate stress and dietary issues. It may even lead to health problems if not addressed. An alkaline body pH rarely causes green skin. Wearing copper is therefore a great indication of your general health and whether you are alkaline or acidic. Wearing copper has been used for centuries to help in healing. An acidic body is often due to the high intake of protein, processed food, red meat, dairy, sugar and soda. An alkaline diet includes soy, fresh fruits and veggies, beans, lentils and some whole grains like quinoa.

Copper reacts to substances in sweat and oils secreted by our body through the skin. These oils will not only give the copper a darker patina but will also allow antique copper to become brighter over time. For those who wish to keep their copper jewelry bright, polishing cloths are available in the Other section of the shop. These are the perfect accessory for bright copper jewelry.

A lot of people are hesitant to wear copper but in fact it is less allergy inducing than most other metals as those often contain impurities. Electroformed copper is 100% pure copper.

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