It all began as a woman, a road, a sense of adventure, and a yearning for discovery.  Moving from the UK to the US at the age of 25 with a dream of experiencing expansive landscapes, towering mountains, deep canyons, mesas, ocean, deserts, and rivers, it was a vastness and beauty I had only dreamed about. It's been over 20 years now, & I have fallen in love with it all, but when it comes to the wild rugged landscape and open skies of the southwest, I am insatiable.

All this exploration has been for me, a search for knowledge, experience and authenticity. Although I now live life creatively, I did not settle down to explore creating art until my early forties, when I picked up some metal, leather and crystals and fell deeply in love with the creation of jewelry that had a story, meaning and energy. Later I picked up a torch, melted the heck out of some copper, bronze and brass, played with bits of silver, and a new expression of myself was discovered.

My work does not imply expansion. My work is expansion. It is about physically and spiritually pushing limits, peeking around the next bend, peering towards the horizon, delving deep, and exploring dark shadowy crevices long forgotten. It is about grit and dirt and rust and edginess and messy hair and fully embracing the art of imperfection. It is about being just a little afraid of the darkness, but knowing the moon will be there to light the way. It is about not only discovering yourself, but becoming yourself. 


Come explore my collection and find the perfect talisman to express your wild and free spirit! 




With Love,


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  • "Simply gorgeous

    I return again and again to this shop because I have loved everything I have ever purchased here. This onyx solitaire is now one of my favorites. The quality is amazing, the stone beautiful, and I love the packaging. The design is so simple and perfect."


  • "Adore this shop, adore this custom ring! Well made, beautiful stones, solid copper, this piece is delicate with just the right amount of heft. I've purchased a few pieces from this shop and I've been 100% satisfied with every one of them. This ring is hands down my new favorite piece. Thank you!"


  • "I love my beautiful new ring. I originally ordered the small one and considered it too small so I wanted a companion and I ordered the bigger one. Now I stack them and they look beautiful together. I’m so happy. Thanks Marie for working with me. I highly recommend this vendor."


  • "Love this ring! Many thanks to Marie for her patience in working with me and helping me design this ring! Marie was amazing to work with and the details of this ring are spectacular! I love everything about it."


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