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8mm Stretch Ametrine Stone Bracelet Blackbird & Sage
8mm Stretch Ametrine Stone Bracelet Blackbird & Sage
8mm Stretch Ametrine Stone Bracelet Blackbird & Sage

8mm Stretch Ametrine Stone Bracelet

Blackbird & Sage
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Ametrine Stretch Beaded Bracelet

7 inch in length

8mm AA Grade Ametrine beads

Ship in 1-2 business days

Ametrine powerfully combines Amethyst and Citrine.
As well as possessing the healing properties of both these stones, Ametrine also possesses specific qualities of its own.
Ametrine connects the physical realm with higher consciousness, facilitating and protecting during astral travel, and relieves psychic attack.
It is fast and effective in its action, and is particularly useful in long-standing illness as it brings insights into causes dis-ease.
It has an ability to calm the mind and brings greater focus to meditation by clearing stress and tension from the head.

Most Bracelets are 7 inches in length but adjustments are welcome. Leave me a message at checkout for any size adjustments and I will try to accommodate your request. I am happy to make all bracelets smaller. A 7 inch bracelet is the average length for a bracelet and works for a variety of wrist sizes of 6.5 inches and lower.

To measure your wrist size, wrap a piece of string or cut a slip of paper and wrap around the part of your wrist you want the bracelet to sit. Mark where the string or paper meets and lay against a ruler. This measurement is your wrist size.
Add 0.5 Inch for a snug fit
Add 0.75 Inch for an average fit
Add 1 Inch for a loose fit

My bracelets are sold in bracelet size.

Bracelets are gift wrapped, ready for gift giving. I will include a crystal property card that contains healing properties so that you may activate and attune the crystals to work for you while they are being worn.

Leave me a note at checkout if you would like an information card on how to activate, cleanse and attune crystals. I will gladly include it with your package.