Amethyst Point Copper Necklace 18 inch Chain, Electroformed Crystal Copper Necklace

Amethyst Point Copper Necklace 18 inch Chain

Listing is for one handcrafted electroformed Amethyst Point Copper Necklace. The amethyst point is handpicked and the pendant created by electroforming the point with pure copper. The amethyst point necklace pendant has then been given a warm vintage patina to match the antique copper cable chain that sits at 18 inches in length.

The amethyst point necklace has a simple profile and a low key look, so it is a great necklace to wear everyday. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, so it is perfect for any February babies out there!

  • The amethyst necklace is handcrafted and ready to ship in 1- 3 business days from Santa Fe, NM.
    • Copper necklaces at Blackbird & Sage feature natural stones and are always handcrafted by yours truly via the art of electroforming copper. The process creates highly individual pieces and no two are ever alike. Your piece will be quite unique, just like you.
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