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Black Tourmaline Bracelet with 10mm beads - Blackbird & Sage
Black Tourmaline Bracelet with 10mm beads - Blackbird & Sage
Black Tourmaline Bracelet with 10mm beads - Blackbird & Sage

Black Tourmaline Bracelet with 10mm beads

Blackbird & Sage
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AAA Black Tourmaline Bracelet (Schorl) | Genuine Schorl Bracelet | Reiki Healing | Crystal Energy | Chakra Bracelet | Beaded Bracelet | 10mm

Very high quality 10mm genuine black tourmaline from Brazil. A perfect minimalist protection bracelet.

Use the power of black tourmaline for grounding, protection and deflecting negative energies. It can be worn by women or men.

I use only high quality strong and stretchy elastic in all my bracelets.

The bracelet will come cleansed and saged, and gift wrapped in earth conscious packaging.

Included is a crystal information card to help you set your intentions, plus an information card on cleansing, charging and programming your bracelets. Your bracelet sits with highly charged Quartz during shipment in order to start the activation process.

I always carry around black tourmaline, especially in negative environments. It helps me feel immune to any kind of negativity, both environmental and emotional.

Bracelets are made to size specifications.

To measure wrist size -
Use a measuring tape or cut a strip of paper and wrap around wrist at the smallest point between your wrist bone and hand. If using paper, measure with a ruler from the edge of the paper to the point which the paper overlaps.
This will be your actual wrist size.
Select this measurement in the drop down menu.
I will then add between 0.5 to 0.75 inch to the bracelet to accommodate the beads and for added comfort.

Metaphysical properties ~
* Black tourmaline is a very protective stone.
* It repels and protects against negative energy by deflecting it away.
* It protects the wearer from being victimized by the negative energy of another.
* It's also very beneficial to protect oneself from cell phones and electromagnetic smog.
* Black tourmaline is used to activate grounding between the center of the Earth and the root/base (first) chakra. Thereby enhancing ones well-being on the physical plane and increasing physical vitality.
* It stimulates altruism and practical creativity.
* Physically it stimulates and balances the adrenal glands.
* It can also aid in the treatment of arthritis, dyslexia, heart disease and anxiety.