Black Tourmaline Stretch Beaded Bracelet with Kunzite and Amazonite

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Black Tourmaline Stretch Beaded Bracelet with Kunzite and Amazonite

Made with 10mm beads and measuring 7 inches in length, this black tourmaline stretch beaded bracelet has the added magic of a single kunzite with four amazonite beads as focal beads. The bracelet also features four 8mm sterling silver beads to give it that extra bling. Sent in a jewelry box, ready for gift giving.

Most of the Bracelets at Blackbird & Sage are 7 inches in length but adjustments are welcome. You can message me either prior to ordering or while at checkout (by letting me know in the Note to Seller box message located at checkout) if you would like any size adjustments and I will try to accommodate your request. A 7 inch bracelet is the average length for a bracelet and works for a variety of wrist sizes of 6.5 inches and lower.

To measure your wrist size, wrap a piece of string or cut a slip of paper and wrap around the part of your wrist you want the bracelet to sit. Mark where the string or paper meets and lay against a ruler. This measurement is your wrist size, then add one of the below measurements to get your bracelet size:-

Add 0.5 Inch for a snug fit
Add 0.75 Inch for an average fit
Add 1 Inch for a loose fit

My bracelets are sold in bracelet size (not wrist size).