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Quartz Master Healer Copper Bracelet 

The name of my Quartz Copper Bracelet comes from the metaphysical healing properties of quartz. Quartz is the master healer, and the ultimate teacher. Ancient civilizations believed quartz to be alive, taking one breath every 100 years. They impart their wisdom to anyone who is open and ready to receive. They are the perfect jewelry of pure light and energy. 

The quartz master healer copper bracelet features a double terminated quartz crystal accentuated on both sides by bronze wire wrapping. The quartz bracelet is made to order based on the wrist size you choose on ordering, and the copper bracelet is created by electroforming with pure copper for several days. Texturing is later created on the arms of the bracelet by hand hammering the copper. The cuff ends of the raw quartz copper bracelet are hand hammered flat to create some style and comfort. The whole piece is given a warm antique copper vintage patina.

  • The double terminated quartz copper bracelet is handcrafted to your specifications once your order is placed. The copper bracelets are labor intensive and as such most of my copper bracelets are handmade in 1 - 2 weeks, and shipped from Santa Fe, NM.
  • The copper finish on this bracelet is an antique copper vintage looking patina. 
  • Wrist sizes are based in inches. Sizes are Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.
  • Jewelry Lacquer - The quartz master healer copper bracelets come standard without jewelry lacquer for those that wish to benefit from copper's healing properties, but there is an option for the application of a high quality jewelry lacquer to the copper bracelets which can be added for $5.
    • Copper bracelets at Blackbird & Sage feature natural stones and are handcrafted to order, via the art of electroforming copper. The process creates highly individual pieces and no two are ever alike. Your piece will be quite unique, just like you.
    • Please be gentle with your copper bracelet. Although electroformed copper is very strong and slightly malleable, like most things, it can break under high pressure. Do not put a high amount of opposing pressure on the arms, or try to pry open the bracelet arms wide, or your piece can and will break. Blackbird & Sage cannot be held responsible for rough handling of these pieces. If you feel you are struggling for the bracelet to fit, or the bracelet is not the right size for you, then please feel free to send a message requesting a size exchange.
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      Debi Von

      Fits perfectly and well made.