Dumortierite in Quartz and Herkimer Diamond Copper Necklace 18 inch Chain, Electroformed Crystal Copper Necklace

Dumortierite in Quartz and Herkimer Diamond Copper Necklace

Listing is for one handcrafted electroformed Dumortierite in Quartz Point and Herkimer Diamond Copper Necklace. The stones are handpicked and pendant is created by electroforming the points with copper. The pendant has then been given a warm vintage patina to match the antique copper cable chain that sits at 18 inches in length.

There is a small crack across the front of the dumortierite quartz. Unfortunately, it did not show up until I added the patina in the last step of making this pendant. I know, it makes me sad too, so therefore I am listing this at a discount.

Jewelry is electroformed in 100% copper.
All pieces and components are lead/nickel free.

NOTE - Copper may cause skin discoloration with some (not all) wearers. This is a known reaction with copper jewelry. I DO NOT treat my copper pieces in any way so you can benefit fully from its healing and health properties. If you would like more information please read my Copper Care Tips prior to making a purchase.

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