Fluorite Stretch Beaded Bracelet

Fluorite Stretch Beaded Bracelet

8mm fluorite beads and 7 inches in length. Made with high quality elastic.

Most Bracelets are 7 inches in length but adjustments are welcome. Leave me a message at checkout for any size adjustments and I will try to accommodate your request. A 7 inch bracelet is the average length for a bracelet and works for a variety of wrist sizes of 6.5 inches and lower.

To measure your wrist size, wrap a piece of string or cut a slip of paper and wrap around the part of your wrist you want the bracelet to sit. Mark where the string or paper meets and lay against a ruler. This measurement is your wrist size, then add one of the below measurements to get your bracelet size:-

Add 0.5 Inch for a snug fit
Add 0.75 Inch for an average fit
Add 1 Inch for a loose fit

My bracelets are sold in bracelet size.

Bracelets are gift wrapped, ready for gift giving.

Fluorite is a highly protective stone, especially on a psychic level.
It aids in discerning if outside influences are at work within yourself and can shut off any psychic or mental manipulation or influence.
Used in healing, fluorite draws off many types of negative energies, cleansing, purifying, dispelling and reorganizing as it goes.
It is very good in overcoming any form of disorganization or chaos and can help incorporate structure into daily life.
Psychologically, it can dissolve fixed patterns of behavior, by bringing suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution..
It can also help dissolve fixed ideas, helping one to move beyond narrow-mindedness to see the bigger picture. It can dissolve illusions and reveal the truth, allowing you to act impartially and objectively.
Fluorite can improve physical and mental coordination and counteracts mental disorders, thereby increasing dexterity and self-confidence.

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