Raw Black Tourmaline and Raw Moonstone Twist Copper Ring

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Raw Black Tourmaline and Raw Moonstone Twist Copper Ring

This listing is for one raw black tourmaline and raw moonstone set in copper with a twisted band. Handpicked stones and handmade from scratch this electroformed ring is set with an antique copper finish.

Rings are made to order using raw stones, it will differ slightly than the ring shown.

As it is an open ring it will fit a variety of sizes from 6 to 8. The copper is pliable enough to adjust sizes.

All my copper rings are left without treatment, so you can benefit from it's healing properties.

Aged copper gives the ring an antique look it will brighten over time, leaving you with a beautiful natural and shiny aged ring. The copper is dipped in Liver of Sulfur and polished to give it a gorgeous dark patina.

NOTE - Copper may cause skin discoloration with some (not all) wearers. This is a known reaction with copper jewelry. I DO NOT treat my copper pieces in any way so you can benefit fully from its healing and health properties. If you would like more information please read my Copper Care Tips prior to making a purchase. If you have any concerns or questions about wearing copper, please reach out, I am happy to help any way I can.