Rhodochrosite and Larimar Electroformed Copper Bracelet Size Medium

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Rhodochrosite and Larimar Electroformed Copper Bracelet Size Medium

Electroformed in copper this handmade and hand hammered cuff style bracelet features one large tumbled rhodochrosite stone plus two tumbled Dominican larimar stones, with a bronze wire wrapping accent. The copper bracelet and bronze wire have been given a warm vintage patina.

Medium size bracelet should fit a variety of wrist sizes from 6 to 8 inches. The copper is slightly pliable for small adjustments if necessary.

Represents selfless love and compassion.
Expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with material energies.
It is a stone that imparts a dynamic and positive attitude.
Excellent stone for the heart and for relationships, it is especially helpful for people who feel unloved. Rhodochrosite helps to attract a soul mate but in the way that soulmates are people who helps us to learn our lessons in life. This relationship may not always be pleasant, but it for our higher good. It teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, and helps to remove denial.
Clears the solar plexus and base chakras. Gently bringing painful and repressed feelings to the surface, it allows for them to be acknowledged and then dissipated through emotional release. It also helps with identifying patterns and shows the purpose behind the experience.
It is a stone that insists you face the truth, about yourself and others, without excuses or evasion but with loving awareness.

Recently discovered, ethereal Larimar is one of the “spiritual stones” that open to new dimensions, stimulating evolution of the earth. It radiates love and peace and promotes tranquility.
An earth healing stone, Larimar connects to the energy of the earth goddess, helping women to reattune to their innate femininity and restoring their connection with nature.
Effortlessly induces a deeply meditative state. It naturally raises consciousness and harmonizes body and soul to new vibrations. Spiritually empowering, it guides the soul onto its true pathway in life.
Facilitates angelic contact and communication with other realms.
Removes self-imposed blockages and constraints. It dissolves self-sabotaging behavior, and assists taking control of life. It is particularly useful for alleviating guilt and removing fear.
Brings serenity and clarity, and constructive thought. It stimulates creativity and encourages “going with the flow.”
Brings calmness and equilibrium. It is an antidote to emotional extremes. It heals trauma to the heart and reconnects to natural playfulness and joyful childlike energy.

NOTE - Copper may cause skin discoloration with some (not all) wearers. This is a known reaction with copper jewelry. I DO NOT treat my copper pieces in any way so you can benefit fully from its healing and health properties. If you would like more information please read my OXIDATION section under the Announcements section of my shop, or my Copper Care Tips on my website (blackbirdandsage.com) prior to making a purchase. If you have any concerns or questions about wearing copper, please reach out, I am happy to help any way I can.