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Three Piece Mystery Box

Three Piece Mystery Box

Blackbird & Sage

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Choose your ring size in the menu. Custom sizes are also available. I am able to make rings in US/CA sizes 1 through 16, including 1/4 and 3/4 sizes. Simply choose Custom in size menu and add your size in Note to Seller box at checkout.


The ring is available in one of 2 finishes. Some rings are available in one finish only - check the description for details:

- Bright Copper

has a lustrous shine and will darken over time. It can easily be cleaned back to a bright shine with a jewelry cloth.

- Antique Copper

has a dark finish. It may brighten as you wear it as it reacts to the oils on your skin.

  • Handmade In Santa Fe, NM
  • Ship In 1-3 Business Days

Three Piece Mystery Box

A great way to try out different raw stone and crystal electroformed jewelry at a discounted price.

  • Each mystery box contains 3 mindfully curated pieces, either rings, necklaces or pairs of earrings. 
  • Choose your preferences for ring size, copper finish, and necklace length. All pieces in the box will be the same size, finish or length you choose.

The pieces you receive will be from a collection of retired styles or pieces that are a bit too unique to fit the description on regular listings. The mystery boxes will contain three of the following:

  • Bright copper finish raw stone ring 
  • Antique copper finish raw stone ring
  • Bright finish cut stone ring
  • Antique copper cut stone ring
  • Antique copper finish raw stone necklace
  • Antique copper finish cut stone necklace
  • Antique copper finish raw stone earrings
  • Antique copper cut stone earrings

Your size and finish for the rings and length for the necklaces will be determined by your choices upon ordering. Requests for stone type/shape for these boxes are not accepted, all orders will be fulfilled completely at random.

Some of these pieces may contain very small flaws that make them too unique to be sold on full price listings, but these flaws will not detract from the quality or wearability of the piece. Even though they may look a little different, they remain beautiful and still need a good home.

  • All mystery box sales are final.

NOTE: These items are being sold significantly below wholesale pricing. I do not offer gift wraps, size changes, or exchanges.  

About Electroformed Copper

• electroformed copper jewelry at Blackbird & Sage feature natural stones & crystals handcrafted by yours truly via the art of electroforming copper. The process creates highly individual pieces and no two are ever alike. Your piece will be quite unique, just like you. Please keep that in mind when ordering.

Returns / Refunds / Exchanges

• these items are being sold significantly below wholesale pricing. I do not offer gift wraps, size changes, refunds or exchanges.  

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